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Quick start guide: Imageboard media grab 2.3

1. Main screen

After app start main screen will appear. Input or paste the thread URL in to text field on the top of screen and tap "SCAN" button

main screen

You can use your favorite browser for getting URL just long tapping on thread link and select 'Copy link address'. Look at picture below

main screen

After few secconds you will see message with scanning result text on the screen. See "Found" label

This message on example picture means that the thread has 80 JPEG images

If scan procedure breaks with error you will see detailed error message in "Found" label and also toast box will apear

You can select a neccessary media type on drop down list ("All media" on example picture) and tap "DOWNLOAD" button for start downloading

If has new media for downloading you will see the system dialog for choose save path. Select it and downloading will start.

main screen

If you want to preview media before downloading, tap on "PREVIEW" button. Priview screen will appear.

2. Preview screen

This is screen contains all scanned media on last step in special list. You can scroll it up and down for seeking neccessary media

For preview media, simply tap on it picture in the list and choose your favorite app for preview if needed

You can select media do you like by tap on "download" check box on the list of media

Also you can sorting media by types using drop down list ("All media" on the picture)

preview screen

Tap "DOWNLOAD SELECTED" button, choose save path and downloading will start. You can stop downloading by tap on "CANCEL" button

If you tap "DOWNLOAD SELECTED" again, downloading will continue from last position before stop

All downloaded media will mark on the list by 'downloaded' tag

preview screen

Tap "REFRESH" button for rescan thread and downloading new thumbs

Auto refresh feature works only for Preview screen

For return to Main screen tap "Back" on system bar. All info about downloaded media will be sent to Main screen.

3. Settings screen

For open settings, tap "SETTINGS" button on Main screen

settings screen

You can choose auto refresh interval from the drop down list

Also you can enable mobile data restriction mode for all downloading procedures

"Total downloaded" section indicates total traffic about all time

To save settings, tap "Back" on system bar.

4. Advanced features

You can use auto refresh tool in background mode

Content contunue refreshing even after application has been closed

For managing auto refresh you can just tap on notification in notification bar

settings screen

Preview screen with refreshed content will apear

Also downloading procedure works in background mode separatelly from main application

You can start downloading of content and minimize main application or close it, downloading continue working

For managing downloading procedure you can tap on notification in notification bar

settings screen

Main application screen will appear

settings screen

Auto refresh tool can start downloading selected category(All media, all video and etc.) automaticaly after refreshing. Just check in "and download category" check box

Choose save path and downloading will start by auto refresh timer event

For first start tool will download all media from selected category. If you cancel downloading, next downloading procedure will start only if new media has been detected in selected category

Due differenties between Android devices manufacturers, vendors preferences and energy saver plans, Android OS can stop background downloader due high energy consumption if downloader works in background and screen of your device switched off

Additional questions about app

If any questions not considered in this tutorial, you can ask them by email: ibmd@vsezdes.biz

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