FAQ: Imageboard media grab 2.3

1. App features

  1. supported Android platform versions: Android 7.0 and above
  2. scanning threads from boards like 2ch and mirrors, 2chan, 4chan, kohlchan, reinchan, arhivach
  3. divide media by types and download them
  4. downloading media thumbs for quick preview
  5. media preview support using system app
  6. downloading selected media
  7. auto refreshing content in preview mode and in background
  8. traffic control (restrict mobile data download or not)
  9. downloading in background
  10. saving data to user located path
  11. system notifications
  12. indicates total traffic about all time
  13. detailed errors reporting

2. Does app support background downloading?


3. Does app support multi thread download?

Only single thread downloading supported

4. Does app support thread posting?

App designed to only for media downloading from single thread

5. Does app support full board scanning?

Only single thread scanning supported

6. Does app support accessing to restricted threads?

Only open free threads supported

Additional questions about app

If any questions not considered in this FAQ, you can ask them by email: ibmd@vsezdes.biz

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